Like what you see?

We do. We believe that good design and clear design go hand-in-hand. Think of books. Black ink on white paper. It's always been that way. And for the best of all reasons: it makes the content clear and easy to read.

The first thing you might have noticed about this website is its simplicity. No fancy coloured or patterned backgrounds. No confusing multi-coloured text. No animations, clip-art, stock photos or other unnecessary graphics to wait, wait and wait for. There's our logo at the top, and a brief description of what we do. There's a menu on the left. It does what it looks like it should do: it lets you access the information you want as quickly and easily as possible.

AlphaBeck can even redesign your existing HTML website to be more attractive, easier to use and quicker to download. Click here for a real-life example (opens in new window).

While we are committed to clarity of presentation and ease of operation and access, we also acknowledge that your ideas are an important part of the website production process. Header and footer design, control layout and design and page layout are as flexible as we are. If you want a site with elliptical 3D buttons in assorted shades of green at the top, we can do it. If you want an e-mail link at the bottom of each page, no problem. Pop-up micro-sites, graphics and downloads can be included, as can external Web and e-mail links, print buttons and other facilities.

Think you can't afford to be on the web? Why not commission a single web page for as little as £50 (excluding hosting and domain name)? And later, when your business deserves a multi-page site, your initial investment will be offset against the upgrade!*

We now offer Shop Front™ online shop setup and training in partnership with my-se. Shopping-carts, on-line payment and more can be integrated into your website.

We also offer a standard Family Website as a set-price package. Click here for details.

*A standard HTML website of between 4 and 7 pages costs £300. The upgrade from a single page to the above specification costs £250.