What our clients say...
The following unsolicited quotes are from client correspondence.

"Thanks to Alphabeck I have a great eye-catching logo, my requirements were for a logo design that would stand out on my company white vehicles.

I am so pleased with the result, it was Simon's first idea when I submitted my company name to come up with a logo.

Thank you very much Simon."

Geoff Lewis (Director)

Central Link Couriers Ltd
"The Perfect Accessory For Business"


Just the job - I look forward to receiving the finalised version and invoice.

Thanks very much for your support."


"Thanks [...] for your prompt attention throughout. I will certainly recommend your services to anyone looking for a website/logo - I have a friend who is struggling to build a website to start a new business and I have mentioned you to her!"


"Thank you for a great design & excellent service. I will settle your invoice in the next few days.

I expect that we will be using you for a number of projects that we are currently looking at."

"Thanks for a great job, we are very pleased with the artwork."


"What a creative mind. Thank you for the South London Ecademy logo."


"I chose AlphaBeck as I thought your own site was simple and clear. "

"This is great stuff and just the kind of thing I am looking for."


"Thanks. Those designs are wonderful, each variation is great."

"Those are great!! Really super! Tough choice :-) My husband & I have looked at them, and we've both agreed on the 'final_pink' - the first logo attached! That's great, it's funky yet sophisticated & classy! We love it.


"We are so thrilled, we love our logo, and so pleased! You've done an excellent job and absolutely surpassed our expectations!!


Excellent, and many thanks again for doing a superb job with great creative insight and integrity."


"[AlphaBeck designer] Simon Beck offered to create the logo for my life coaching business and did a wonderful job. I had many options and colours to choose from and I think my final design is beautiful! Simon provides a wonderful value service and I'll be recommending him to others."


"You may remember you designed a logo for my wife M.B. [...] - she is very pleased with it.

Now would you be able to design a logo for me?"


"I thought you may like to see your logo in action, loads of people have said how affective it is [...] Thanks again - logo is fantastic."


"I have shown a few friends and family, and they all agree that it's a great logo. Thank you so much."

"This is fantastic, and I am definitely happy to go ahead with this. Thank you so much for all your hard work."

"Hope all is ok with you, so far everyone who I have asked for input on the website has had nothing but praise for it .... thank you SO much!"


"Thanks for the zip file and user guide, that is really helpful - I will send you a cheque in the post today. We have been extremely impressed with your service and will be sure to recommend you to our associates."